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Ponddy Smart Textbooks

Ponddy Smart Textbooks automatically tailors learning to each student using our Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS™).

From boring to interactive, Ponddy Smart Textbooks help you engage your students.

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Customizable Curriculum

Our curriculum is completely configurable and customizable, that means you get to play around and experiment with various techniques to find what is best for your students. Ponddy Smart Textbooks comes with bite-sized modules (i.e. Pondlets) to make sure that students understand traditional as well as simplified Chinese easily.



We understand that each teacher has a unique teaching style. This is why we give you the freedom to select your own dialogue, vocabulary modules, grammar points, cultural notes, and exercise types to create a theme-based learning module called a Pondlet. Students learn with many different Pondlets, answer the questions, play with games, and excel at consecutive levels.


Gamified Exercises

Gamification packs a punch in student learning by making the learning process addictive and fun. Gamified exercises such as, “Fill the Blanks”, “Word Rearrangement”, and “Word Puzzles” create many drag-and- drop type games that students will love. We transform the learning experience from the traditional classroom scenario to an engaging and fun environment.


Big Data Analytics

Keep a record of all student activities with our analytics feature. Find out who spent how much time on activities and their results. The analytic page is cleverly designed to present all information in an easy-to-read format. Analytics result across all the users will also be available for reference.


Deep Learning

Ponddy Smart Textbooks is designed around engaging modules arranged in Pondlets, with each carrying a specific theme and various levels of difficulty. As students progress through levels, they take on new challenges and continue to learn the advanced aspects of Chinese.

Personalized Learning Experience with Recycle and Spiral

Our system is based on a “machine learning” assistive technology (patent pending) that generates bespoke suggestions for each student. These suggestions are based on content focusing on targeted reviews (Recycle) and incremental to the current scope of studying (Spiral). With our Recycle and Spiral techniques, we move forward with customized growth for individuals in the learning curve.



Each Pondlet has a topic centered around a theme. We design and customize your Pondlets so that all the modules in it adhere to the theme. The topic could be anything of your choice. It could be an upcoming holiday, someone’s birthday, or a general fun topic. Ponddy Smart Textbooks comes with 50 basic theme-based Pondlets currently and you could further customize and add/modify additional Pondlets.


Multi-device Support

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